the famous norwegian hytta

In between all the hours of studying for the exams what can be better than a trip to the woods? This weekend I visited the famous Norwegian hytta for the first time! We met up at 11 and took the T-bane to Røa from where we then took a bus to the middle of nowhere. We basically got off and started hiking through these wonderful woods with little streams and cottages on the side. IMG_20161112_121439.jpg

Norwegians love to go to the hytta. Basically, it is an institution to spend at least two weekends a month at the cabin. Families usually have their own cabins, especially when they live in the city and need time off. Mostly they do not have a real heating system and are far away from the next house. It is a very important thing in Norwegian culture, since time alone is valued very highly here and isolation is for the most a gift that you should cherish. The hytta represents this very accurately, because you usually have to hike or ski there and it is in the middle of nowhere. You can combine a „tur“ with a night at your own hytta and thus get the best of your trip. Most of the hyttas do not have a real heating system and no reception, but without cellphones and a TV, the family spends more time together which is valued very much.

It took us around an hour for the 5 km from the bus stop to the cabin and when we arrived me and my friends immediately chose the smaller cabin for 7 people instead of the big house which hosted 50. We had our own fireplace and it was very small and cozy. I mean who would not think these are the perfect surroundings for a relaxing time?

We then had lunch together and played in the snow like on an actual class trip. It was a wonderful -4 degrees outside, but we still managed to have a big snowball fight and stay as long as possible outside. Then we sat down by the fireplace and chatted, played card and board games and just relaxed. For dinner, we had Norwegian Tacos (what else?) and after dinner we went to the Sauna. We even took part in a very Norwegian tradition where you jump right into the snow after the Sauna and then go back inside and repeat it for a few times. It is very healthy and so much fun!

IMG_20161113_104759_1.jpgThe next morning it was very foggy and so much warmer that the snow unfortunately began to melt. We had a good breakfast with brunost, coffee and porridge. Hiking back felt a lot faster than going to the cabin, but that was probably just my imagination.

We took the bus back and in the afternoon, I met up with a Norwegian friend. We had Pepperkake-Muffins and coffee and it was super cozy, as well as the whole weekend!

I had a great time at the hytta, away from the civilization and I would recommend such a trip to everyone! It is very relaxing and can be a nice way to refocus on things we might lose in our everyday life.


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