first things first

This is my first day as an officially registered short-time Norwegian. 🙂

The Lufthansa Lounge at Düsseldorf Airport was very nice. It was super big and there were Pretzel, mini-Schnitzel, Soup and Ice-cream. Fruits and Salad were also available. So I sat down and read a newspaper while I was drinking tea. It was a nice experience!


My flight was delayed due to technical problems, which was a bad timing for me. Arriving that late in a new city and then getting to your apartment is not the best. But the flight itself was great. I had a special three-course meal starting with a cream cheese filled bun and herring roe. My main course was Roastbeef with potatoes and salad and the dessert was a lemon cake. It was unexpectedly very delicious and I look forward to the menu on the flight back.

As already said, we arrived later and I finally received my luggage (2 heavy bags!) and made my way through to the Airport Express train, because it was cheaper for me than the normal train. After many tries I finally got my ticket and missed the train very closely. On my way a Norwegian told me to take the Taxi and not the bus to my home, because of my luggage and everything, so I did and arrived in my student village at about 11 pm. It is an old building and I live on the sixth floor. My view is very nice and my room is quite big.

I thought it would be a good idea to scout the surroundings of my new home and quickly found out that I live wonderfully between a park and a graveyard.

On the other side of the street is a REMA 1000 market. Water prices are terribly high here, you would pay about 25 NOK for a 1,5 l bottle of sparkling water. Nearly everything is more expensive, Milk for example costs 25 NOK. How much more it costs varies from product to product. But I got my first food and brought it back to the apartment. I went to St. Hanshaugen park and took a little walk while I saw almost every kid accompanied by a male. It seems to be like everyone says and fathers do play a very big role in the raising of children. There are also a lot of Bakeries and Coffee shops in my area, that are expensive but cute!

I took a long walk down the street and really had no idea where I was going. I wanted to get to Oslo S to buy my student ticket, but it did not really work out that well without a map. So I thought I will somehow get there and wandered the streets on my own. Surprisingly, I found the Karl Johans gate, which is the most known shopping street in Oslo. While I was there I also visited the Parliament and the town hall.

The weather was pretty good, so I went to the harbor and watched the beautiful bay of Oslo for a few minutes. After I got attacked by a pigeon (yes! Not a joke, the bird flew onto my hands!!) I went further and got to the Oslo S. At the Ruter center I got my student ticket from a very nice vendor. Seriously, the people here are all super friendly! As I was at it I also asked about the connection so I knew where to go afterwards. I ran around the big shopping center Oslo City and discovered the Starbucks Prices, holy moly! It is even more expensive than in Germany and a simple Cappuccino is 38 NOK. But I made a little contact with the money and the people.IMG_20160813_124923

I bought my first ‚typisk norsk‘ Wasa Sandwich with brunost and it was very delicious! I cannot explain it to you, but it is definitely worth trying! I went to the cathedral afterwards and ran the Karl Johans gata up and down to explore everything. It is a beautiful church and entrance is free!IMG_20160813_130353The last thing I did was walking to the Norsk Opera og Balett and watch the sea and the city, because you can walk up there and take great pictures of the landscape. It is all very close to the Sentralstsjon and you can walk literally everywhere!

That is it for today and I hope to see you soon when I will write more!


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    Hallo zusammen,

    heute gibt es ‚mal keinen Beitrag von mir, da ich euch den neuen Blog meiner Schwägerin vorstellen möchte. Sie ist nämlich kürzlich zwecks Auslandssemester nach Oslo gezogen und berichtet von ihrem Leben dort. Hoffe ihr klickt ‚mal rein 😉

    Gefällt mir

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